Darryl Dunn with a carp Darryl Dunn UK flag
Daniel Whitford with a carp Daniel Whitford UK flag
Les Bowers with a carp Les Bowers UK flag
Robbie Malfliet with a carp Robbie Malfliet Belgian flag
Christian Finkelde with a carp Christian Finkelde German flag
Keven Gentsy with a carp Keven Gentsy German flag


Meet the Speero Tackle ambassadors team. What you see before you is a carefully selected group of anglers that have years of experience behind them.

All our ambassadors share the same passion for catching carp, but each of them has their own unique approach, technique and style. They helped us field test our products, giving invaluable feedback which allowed us to go that extra mile during the design process.

So while you’re patiently waiting for your next bite, go ahead and have a read about the Speero Tackle Ambassadors. You never know, you might learn something new!

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