Dean holding a fish

With over thirty years of carp angling knowledge under his belt, Dean is experienced in every avenue of the craft be it angling on small intimate estate lakes to large windswept lakes in the UK. This has given him a wealth of insight into the demanding needs of the angler over the years.


Fast thinking and forward minded, Dean is keenly interested in developing items of tackle taken for granted by the majority of anglers. Whether looking at hardware, baits, rigs or luggage, his input has been second to none in the industry. A ‘no nonsense or compromise’ mindset means what you see will work, last and fulfil any angling expectation.


Dean has been involved with Lucy’s Bowl since this charitable organisation was established in 2011. He is now a trustee and not only is he an integral part of the event they hold each year, he is firmly committed to moving the organisation forward.


Currently the senior designer for Speero, Dean has brought a breath of fresh air to the industry with a range of innovative, functional designed luggage. As with everything in Dean’s work ethos, there is no shortcut or compromise, and this is clear to see in the finished products.